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Masculine Energy, Money and Support

Have you ever heard the expression “Ultra-independence may be a trauma response”?

If this is you, I get it; that was me too.

Please know there isn’t anything wrong with you. I lived most of my life this way. This way of being was a survival strategy that kept me safe, but it was also very lonely and to be honest – it kept me small and not in a great place financially for a long time.

Usually for women, when we become ultra-independent – we are on some level rejecting the masculine. Many women in the spiritual community, myself included – dive into feminine embodiment and unknowingly position the masculine as negative. Especially when they have experienced trauma or abuse at the hands of the masculine.

When I energetically shut off from the masculine and solely focussed on the feminine – I unwittingly cut off from the masculine energy of money.

I also did not realise that my independence was also cutting me off from universal support/god/spirit–which left me feeling very confused and unsupported often.

I lived in a state of anxiety, and it wore me out physically because I thought I had to do everything myself. I believed that I could only trust myself and stopped believing that I was always divinely being taken care of.

Masculine Energy, Money and Support

Money Is Masculine Energy:

Money is masculine energy and we need to learn to love and work with it – to bring so much more into our lives, especially if you are desiring a highly profitable business that transforms women’s lives.

If we even consider the possibility of wanting, needing, and/or receiving support, something in us may say, “No way, it’s not safe.” We keep trying to do everything ourselves, putting blocks up to support and these blocks are carried in our personal energy. Our clients can feel this and energetically it blocks universal support and money coming to us.


Creating Safety

As women, we can learn to create that safety within ourselves first. Then we can move on to our relationship with money and the universe/god/spirit’s support.

A part of me wanted masculine support and connections, but another part of me was afraid because as a child I felt unsafe around the masculine. I carried this energy of ‘unsafeness’ for most of my adult life too.

My healing began when through my journey with the divine feminine – and I realised the power and supportive nature of true masculine energy.

A Distorted View Of The Masculine:

My view of masculine energy had been very negatively distorted up to this point. I unknowingly lived in too much masculine energy and believed I could do everything on my own. Sure I was able to make money at this time – but I would lose it. Hello peaks and troughs in my business. There was no financial safety because energetically I was not able to hold the space of financial safety.

Instead of blaming and shaming myself for believing I had to do everything on my own, I made peace with the part of me that felt it didn’t need anybody.

As I learned to work with my subconscious, transform my personal energy and create safety within myself – everything started to shift. I started to see and appreciate the masculine energy within myself but also outside of myself. I started to crave the feeling of safety that masculine energy could bring into my life – particularly when it came to financial safety.

Acknowledging My Desire For Support:

When I connected with my deep desire for support – and then energetically opened myself up to receiving that – everything shifted and my life started to move forward in a way I had not experienced before.

This was not an easy process for me personally. There were a lot of unconscious blocks that I was not even aware of. But with the right support – I was able to uncover these, so they were no longer holding me back from the life I desired.

Masculine Blocks

Having blocks around masculine energy will create blocks to you receiving money and universal/god/spirit’s support.

This was so BIG for me to personally uncover and work through.

I hope it helps you too.

If this resonates with you – I have a training for women in business commencing in February around this, that might be a good fit.

I know this is not always easy – so if you are requiring support, then please reach out. I’ll pop the link below for a complimentary support call.

For those of you who would like to share your perspective, I would love to hear your thoughts below.

Much love, Kylie xxx

Kylie Welsh