Kylie Welsh

The Authenticity Code

I did a wonderful pre-session recently with some of my ladies starting in the Feminine Affluence Codes Mastermind commencing in January.

When we are living in our authenticity – we are activated and energetically at the highest level we can be. This opens us up to so much more possibility, so much more abundance frequency – so much more JOY in business and life.

For many women – myself included – we have been conditioned AWAY FROM OUR AUTHENTICITY. We have been told we are ‘too much’ ‘not enough’ etc There is always something that we can add to ‘not enoughness’ baggage we carry around.

After 14 years as a transformational business coach for women – I have found that when women are disconnected from their feminine (so many of us are) they are also disconnected from their authenticity

Scared Of Being Seen:

I worked with a client recently – when we did this authenticity journey together – she uncovered that there was a deep desire in her TO BE SEEN – this was part of her authentic self – her authentic coding that she came into this world carrying.

Her family did not like her performing as a child though – she felt shamed by them. Her parents likely felt they were protecting her at the time but this turned her into a woman who was more comfortable dimming her light than shining it.

How It Shows Up In Women:

As a business owner – she was not able to connect with her audience despite her service approach and deep love for her work – she felt uncomfortable in front of the camera – being vulnerable brought up fear – all the things that are necessary for your female audience to see the real, authentic you.

My client is not alone here. As women – we carry so much unconscious conditioning that blocks us from having the impact we desire.

A Program Not Supporting Your Success:

If there is an area that you struggle with – you likely have a subconscious program that is not supporting your success here. It is that simple. Take some time to look at your life and business. Where is the flow? Where are the blocks?

The good news is that you can fix the blocks – if you are prepared to do the inner work.

What It’s Like To Remember Your Authenticity:

When my client REMEMBERED her AUTHENTICITY – everything changed for her. She knew within her soul that she was here TO BE SEEN, TO LEAD, TO INSPIRE and instantly – she was able to let go of everyone else’s conditioning, that had been holding her back.

Remembering her Authenticity Coding unlocked something very profound in her psyche. She claimed her leadership and her business began transforming. What a JOY and PRIVILEGE it was to witness.

Your Personal Energy:

When you show up in your authenticity, your words and actions are infused with everything you truly care about and value. This is carried in your Personal Energy. People are attracted to that authenticity; they sense the alignment between what you say and do – which in turn inspires them to trust you as a leader. Your energetic presence is in symphony with your authenticity and that is very powerful.

Start to Question This:

I invite you to look at the parts of you that hold you back in business. Maybe you tell yourself that you are not great with money, you need more experience to charge what you are worth, you’re not a natural salesperson, aren’t great at public speaking, and you’re not a natural leader.

Please ask yourself, “ Is this REALLY ME or something I have been programmed and/or conditioned to believe about myself?’ In my experience – 90% of the time, it is the latter.


Many women – myself included – have been conditioned AWAY FROM OUR AUTHENTICITY. Particularly when it comes to wealth, 

leadership and impact.

After doing a lot of work to uncover my own authenticity, I can now embody this fully in my business and branding and my profitability reflects this.

Your Authenticity Coding will become your NORTH STAR. Whenever I am looking at moving my business forward – it comes down to one simple question.

Does this idea or opportunity bring me closer to my authentic self or away from it?

I trust this question can help you too.

I would love to know how you feel about your Authenticity and conditioning. If you are unsure where to start, please reach out to me.


Much love, Kylie xxx