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If you think about – the female body is designed to BIRTH and we are designed to RECEIVE. This should make us excellent conduits for business – BIRTHING brilliant ideas and RECEIVING all the financial rewards of this.
YET as women in business, we have also been conditioned early in life, to relate our identity to fulfilling the needs of others. In other words GIVING for love, attention and affection.
As we step into leadership positions – this can become contradictory for our psyche. We draw on masculine energy – because that is what we see around us in business.
Unfortunately the more masculine energy we use – the more we live in our head space, disconnect from our bodies and drain our hormones. We start chasing leads, hustling – putting ourselves under so much pressure.
Deep feminine work is body based – you feel it deep, deep inside – it grounds you into the certainly of who you are. It is the most powerful energy I have ever worked with. This energy starts to attract in what you desire. Your nervous system can relax – you start to breath deeply again.
That is why the feminine is so magnetic – you literally become a magnetic pull for what it is you truly desire.
Imagine running your business with this energy. With your body feeling powerful and yet soft and receptive? Opening up to fully receive abundance is BIG for the women I work with. It involves de- fragmenting so much conditioning of what has been instilled in us about our value.
Tapping into these deeper layers of your feminine, allows you to meet and dance with higher versions of yourself that you knew existed – but have been blocked from truly rising.
It is time for women to now rise again – into their greatness.
This feels like a homecoming – coming home to the greatness of who are you. You deserve to feel this too!

Much love, Kylie xxx

Kylie Welsh