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TRANSFORMATION and RE-CALIBRATION – Shifting into the Mature Feminine.

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Transformation is pretty amazing. I consider it such an honour to work in this space with female entrepreneurs – I really do. As I have mentioned – this year has been an intense and incredible year of healing and shedding – in order for me to step more fully into my Queendom Codes Mission in 2022. 

Personally – I have needed to shapeshift into a higher version of myself – a better version of myself – to step into my Soul’s Mission. My Soul spoke loudly to me in January and the Divine Feminine guided me – every step of the way this year.

What comes to me to share today is that – in order for women to move into the Mature Feminine and higher aspects of ourselves – we not only need to ‘do the work’ but ‘create the space’ to allow healing to take place. 

The physical body needs time to re-calibrate the upgrades and embody this transformation. We need to shift at a cellular level – as well as an emotional, mental and soul level. As we release old identities, trauma, triggers – our body needs time to clear these out of our system. It is a ‘burning off’ of our former self.

For me that has meant – SLOWING DOWN, doing less and resting more. There has been less ‘work’ and simply ALLOWING THE SPACE to heal. As a result of this space and surrender – I actually opened to far more abundance flowing in. My healing body was able to HOLD a new level of frequency – and therefore a new level of abundance showed up. This really is such profound work. 

The higher states of abundance frequency – cannot be held in your body – unless you allow the time and space she needs to heal. This is why Divine Feminine work is all so interlinked with abundance for women. When we are not honoring our body – we create energetic density and blockages. We simply cannot hold the abundance frequency. 

I say this because I would not have thought this was possible a few years ago. Despite being feminine – I still felt like I had to work hard – in order to be successful and ‘earn BIG money.’ The bigger money meant – bigger responsibility – and having to show up in a more profound way. How wrong I was.

The Divine Feminine honours our feeling and emotions. Closely linked to this is doing the shadow work and healing aspects of our wounded inner girl. I needed to come face to face with my inner girl (I had chronically abandoned her) and heal large aspects of my past – in order to step into my Mature Feminine energy. 

You see, when we are busy and in overwhelm – we don’t have time to prioritize our self care and healing. As a result we are busy and we STAY STUCK. I can see now that much of my adult life (despite doing a lot of work), I was still running trauma cycles from my childhood. My busyness was a trauma response that many women run. It wasn’t until I allowed the Divine Feminine to lead – did this opportunity for deep and profound healing come knocking. And I am so grateful.

So ladies – please listen to your body and be guided by her wisdom. In areas in life that you feel are blocked – ASK FOR SUPPORT. If your body requires naps – then please honour this. DO NOT PUSH THROUGH – this only creates more density in your energetic system and more blocks will appear. 

Be COURAGEOUS in stepping forward in your own evolutionary path. Your soul will call forward whoever you need for support when asked. Be open to RECEIVING that support. Create the space for pure magic to show up in your business and your life – and it will. 

As a Female Collective – we are being called to SOFTEN individually – in order to STRENGTHEN together. How BEAUTIFUL is this xxx

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