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One of the deepest benefits of connecting to the Divine Feminine was learning to trust myself again. I had been so conditioned in business to ignore my instincts/gut/soul nudges and base my decisions on logic and reasoning. 

This is NOT a PROFITABLE WAY for women in business to make decisions.


Your female body contains so much WISDOM – feminine archetypal energy, your innate intuition, the wisdom from our ancestors is alive in our cells and we have direct access to the infinite universe/source through our body.

Feminine Energy also allows you to RELAX in your body, RECHARGE with your womb energy and approach life from your BEST SELF.

Masculine Energy – strives for more, is about accomplishing more and getting things done. 

It is exhausting for women to run a business from this energy. It will drain your hormones and leave you feeling fatigued and this is terrible energy to be making decisions from. For me, it was a downhill spiral – fatigue, money stress, guilt, shame – on rinse and repeat.

The more you connect with your Divine Feminine Energy – the more you will begin to ACCEPT yourself and feel you own personal power.

Reconnecting to your Feminine Energy allows you to:

– BE enough

– As a woman you feel WHOLE and COMPLETE

– Your SELF WORTH and SELF LOVE start to improve

– You finally ditch the self doubt

– You become FEARLESS and feel this innate feminine power deep inside you

– You begin to TRUST YOURSELF and your decisions again – this is HIGHLY PROFITABLE for your business and leads you to LIVING your BEST LIFE

I know my strengths and limitations and I have always had a coach/mentor to guide me in business. When I tried to do everything myself – my business was not profitable.

The feminine is all about being open to receive and accepting the right support. The difference is you will know who is the BEST PERSON to support you – as opposed to wasting money on someone who turns out to be a disappointment. 

We have all lost money investing in the wrong people in business – but like me – if you look back – you can often see that these decisions were based on fear, or one of my wounds being triggered – not from your Feminine Power Centre. At the time I was making poor decisions in business – I was not connected to the Divine Feminine at all.

As the Divine Feminine becomes more ALIVE and ACTIVE in your body – you start to be guided by her – guided to your best life. I stopped feeling so alone and isolated trying to build my business and stepped into a deep place of empowerment.

I started to Honour my body and her wisdom. I started to TRUST myself again and that changed everything – in business and in life.

You can LIVE your best life, have a FLOURISHING business and THRIVE as a WOMAN. This trifecta is possible for ALL WOMEN (excuse the timely racing pun!) Much love, Kylie xxx

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