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Can a simple practice of CONNECTING TO YOUR HEART every day – transform a woman’s business?

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Boy this was such a stretch for me (at the time), I can tell you! I was so conditioned to be in my ‘head space’ where business was concerned – that this all seemed quite ridiculous to be honest. 

BUT IT DOES WORK and here is why:

– When a woman drops into her heart – she drops into her BODY. Try it now and you will see. Your mind will quieten – you will become present to your body fully. 

** This is the home of a woman’s innate intuition and guidance. You can HEAR IT from your heart space – as the mind noise is silenced. It’s so much better to follow your guidance from this space as our mind is not distorting the information**

– When a woman connects with her heart each day – she is coming home to her REAL TRUTH – not her stories, wounds or limitations. Her perception of herself shifts as her heart opens – allowing her to SEE AND FEEL the true beauty of who she is.

– Her heart is actually where so many of her SOUL CODES are stored. The more a woman opens and unlocks her heart layer by layer – the more she unlocks who she really is, and her destiny unfolds before her with so much more grace.

– When a woman is fully connected to her heart space – her female influence codes become more powerful. This energy is so potent, as your Female Clients FEEL this energy MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE. She is ‘lit up’ by what you say – as her own heart energy is activated.

– Heart connection allows a woman to tap into her vulnerability – from a place of quiet strength. This is often where a woman can start to see her own unique experiences and the potential her back story has, for impact and transforming others. (When a woman tries to do this from her headspace – she tries to manipulate her story to get a result – it’s very different energy.)

– It is a moment – a pause, a sigh and a deep breath out. The shoulders release – the nervous system relaxes as you place your hand on your heart. It is an opportunity to exhale and smile in your busy day. The Divine Feminine is all about SLOWING DOWN so this allows you to slow down and take a few moments for yourself. 

The world really does need female leaders who are THRIVING IN HEART ENERGY now to help shift the female collective.

If you would like a simple daily Heart Activation then comment below and/or reach out. This process will shift your business and life. 

From my personal experience – I cannot recommend it enough! Much love, Kylie xxx

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