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Why is REVERENCE necessary for women to create a HIGH IMPACT BRAND?

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This is something I talk about often with my clients. I now attract women who have a DEEP REVERENCE for their mission and business. This matches my DEEP REVERENCE for the work I do. My soul calls in these women because of this powerful energetic synergy. 

This is very different to the women I used to work with – who I attracted with my sales skills and clever marketing. These women needed ‘hand holding,’ for me to ‘push them’ and ‘hold them accountable’ etc. They often did not implement without my constant support. It was really tiring to be honest. I am sure some of you can relate?

Back then – I believed I could help ALL women and I pretty much convinced women to sign up to my Masterclass and package. Don’t get me wrong – I did truly believe I could help these women but it was coming from ego and a masculine perspective in my head space. 

I didn’t turn anyone away. I never stopped to check in with myself – my own wisdom, my soul guidance. Were my gifts exactly what she needed right now? Was this the best step in her journey? Am I the right person to transform her business? Was she ready for the work I was doing?

And I was continually disappointed as a result. 

When you have REVERENCE for your mission – you SHOW up so differently and so do your clients. This is key to the JOY YOU GET TO EXPERIENCE working with your Soul Sister clients. It is such different energy to play in daily. 

(A client of mine finished her sold out workshop recently and told me of the tears she had in her eyes – because THESE WOMEN WERE HER PEOPLE :)) 

HER PEOPLE – that is so powerful, isn’t it? Please understand – having reverence for your work, doesn’t mean your business takes over your life. 

Women grounded in their feminine DO NOT over work. Even if that has been her past – I help women shift out of this quickly as it is the polar opposite of a rich, juicy feminine life we create with The Queendom Codex. 

Women with REVERENCE for their mission are Action Takers and Implementers. They also will naturally inspire the women around them to do the same – in particular their clients. Practically speaking this results in so many referrals for you and your business. 

It is pure ‘Feminine Attraction Energy’ at it’s finest. You are growing your business through CONNECTION and ATTRACTION – not push or hard work.

Sometimes I know – you can become DISCONNECTED to the reverence. Things start to not feel aligned, something is off, there is resistance, blocks are showing up, constriction develops. If you are experiencing any of this, then please let me know. I would love to help you create this shift in your business.
Much love, Kylie xxx

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