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Female Leadership
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Meet Kylie Welsh, the CEO of The Feminine Affluence Codes Mastermind and the Founder of the She Entrepreneur Collective, a thriving community of over 20 thousand female business owners.

Embarking on a successful entrepreneurial journey spanning 15 years, Kylie specialises in Branding, Positioning, and Profit Generation for women who feel called to transform other women’s lives nationally and globally.

Despite her business success, Kylie experienced significant financial loss after a relationship separation and found herself needing to start over again in her 40s, as a newly single mother.

She embarked on 2 profound journeys at this time. Being physically exhausted and unwell, Kylie needed to learn to access her feminine energy to fuel her body, igniting her feminine power centre and harnessing her innate feminine attraction and magnetism.

Kylie learnt to pull in her desires with ease, rather than pushing for them with her masculine energy.

Kylie also went on a profound journey of introspection into her relationship with money and safety. This journey involved unveiling unconscious programming and looping patterns, healing deep-seated childhood wounds, and rebuilding trust with money and the masculine.

Kylie’s resilience and commitment resulted in a profound personal and business transformation. A few short years later, Kylie is now living her dreams with a multiple six-figure business that continues to transform women’s lives. She loves nothing more than to show other women, how to do the same.

Kylie’s Vision is to change Female Entrepreneurship by empowering women to rise to their HIGHEST FEMININE POTENTIAL and become FINANCIALLY SOVEREIGN at any age.

Signature Speaking Topics:

Feminine Affluence Codes and Wealth Energetics

Female Leadership

Kylie Welsh

Business and
'Women Centred' Branding

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Kylie’s Vision:

To change Female Entrepreneurship by empowering women to rise to their HIGHEST FEMININE POTENTIAL and be FINANCIALLY SOVEREIGN.


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