Conscious Connection & Expansion Events for Female Business Owners

Elevate Your Business,

Expand Your Network Consciously

Welcome to She Rises Events, where empowered women in business come together for conscious connection and expansion. Join us for an unforgettable networking experience tailored for female entrepreneurs, visionaries, and leaders like you!


If you are INTROVERTED and/or HIGHLY SENSITIVE then these events will be so refreshing.  You will feel comfortable and won’t be forced to sell yourself in a way that does not feel authentic.


Your host for the She Rises Events is Kylie Welsh, founder of the She Entrepreneur Collective and a 15-year Entrepreneur and Business Mentor.  Your Event Manager  for the She Rises Events is Sonja Vaughan.  Sonja has been assisting Kylie at her events for over 10 years. Sonja is naturally vivacious, with a big heart and a welcoming approach that creates positive vibes for all attendees to enjoy.  

What To Expect

✔️ Conscious Connections: Build genuine relationships with women who will understand and support your journey. 

✔️ Mindful Networking: Our events incorporate mindfulness practices, such as meditation, healing, or reflection. This means deeper conversations are held and a greater understanding of each other’s needs and goals.

✔️ Less Transactional, More Relational: Traditional networking events can sometimes feel transactional, with a focus on immediate gains. Our She Rises Events prioritize building relationships, understanding that the benefits of these connections may unfold over time.

✔️ Inclusive Environment: Our She Rises Events strive to create an inclusive and supportive atmosphere. This can be particularly appealing for ladies who may have felt uncomfortable in more traditional networking settings.

✔️ Empowerment Focussed: Our goal is to create an environment where you can learn, connect, and build relationships with other like-minded women – who are passionate about lifting each other higher in business and in life.


✔️ Interactive Workshops: Participate in hands-on sessions designed to enhance your skills and elevate your business.

✔️ Fun and Joy: We will infuse your experience with moments of laughter, celebration, and positive energy, creating an uplifting atmosphere.

✔️ An Inspiring Speaker: Gain insights from a successful female entrepreneur who has paved the way forward for many other women.

✔️ Personal Empowerment: Engage in empowering activities and discussions that foster personal growth, self-confidence, and a sense of achievement.

✔️ New Level of Support and Community: Forge meaningful connections and tap into a supportive community that extends beyond the event.


✔️ Collaborative Opportunities: Explore avenues for collaboration and partnerships with like-minded women, fostering a spirit of cooperation and shared success


Event Details:

The ticket price for our She Rises Conscious Connection Events are $60,

to cover the costs and to make it affordable for ALL to attend.

A $50 Eary Bird Special is available also.

Our events are held monthly on a Tuesday evening.

Our next event is:

Date: Tuesday 16th July

Time: 6 pm – 9 pm

Location:  The Taylors – 16A Logan Rd, Woolloongabba QLD 4102

(Street parking is available directly outside the venue and in the streets surrounding.  

Please allow time to find a park and walk to the venue.) 

Upcoming Events In 2024:

Tuesday 13th August – 6-9pm

Tuesday 10th September – 6-9pm

Tuesday 15th October – 6-9pm

Tuesday 12th November – 6-9pm

Tuesday 10th December – 6-9pm

Please pop these dates in your calendar now so you don’t miss out.

You will enjoy a gorgeous, private venue, beautiful food, a complimentary glass of wine, and shared platters for all.

You might enjoy a quick chat, an unexpected D&M, a mutual business cards exchange,

or a joy-filled convo about a future Joint Venture.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make valuable connections and discover new opportunities

for your business growth in 2024.


If you’re looking for new high-value clients or collaborators,

 then we have got you covered. Our events are relaxed, nurturing, and very powerful.



Kristen Ableson

"These are incredible networking events- they support real and authentic connections with grounded and beautiful women in business. I generally hate networking events, but these allow you to be yourself and be supported in all your glory."

Kristen Ableson 

Nathalie PV

"Thank you Kylie Welsh ! It was a great evening building connections in a meaningful authentic way! It feels so enriching to mingle with driven caring women! I also loved the food and our waitstaff Ash was fantastic! Y."

Nathalie PV


"An event where conscious connection meets business expansion. She Rises Events are a must for any female entrepreneur looking to thrive."

Roechelle Williams


”The She Rises Events are a game changer for my business. The connections I make are invaluable and the inspiration and motivation are fuelling a new level of success for me.”

Anna Hartmann

Join Us at She Rises Events!

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 We look forward to welcoming you to She Rises Events –

Where Conscious Connection and Expansion Unite!

Much love, Kylie xxx