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PLEASURE Discipline:

Believe me – this is a real thing.

To do the things that we LOVE as women – often requires PLEASURE DISCIPLINE. As women we are so conditioned NOT to put ourselves first – to NOT prioritize our own needs, to NOT ask for what we truly need and want.

We often have to push ourselves to do things that light us up, make us feel good, bring PLEASURE into our lives. Things like going to the movies with our girlfriends, doing our morning spiritual practice, taking our puppy for a walk, going for a massage or taking that restorative yoga class our body is craving.

When I lived every day in my masculine – I was very disciplined. Including a 5km run every day, staying at my desk until everything was completed – no matter how long it took me. I used to love that people would call me ‘Super Woman’ and that I was available at all times – to everyone!

After I experienced burn-out from living and running my business in my masculine – I started investigating how it is possible to achieve everything I desired – using feminine energy.

Like many people – I thought the Divine Feminine was all light and fluff – putting on feminine clothes, dancing etc, but boy was I wrong! I learnt that it is such a powerful source of energy for women – available to ALL women for life force, creation and manifestation. 

But it did not come easy for me initially as my mind did not welcome in this new information. My mind was so conditioned to achieve via the STICK mentality – ‘If I don’t do xyz – then (insert bad thing) will happen.’ 

Can you relate?

So I introduced the term Positive Discipline to help retrain my brain. This then grew into – PLEASURE DISCIPLINE – as my awareness deepened into the potency of this powerful energy. The more PLEASURE I allowed into all areas of my life – the more present I became to the JOY that was around me – all the time, every day. And the more my life started to transform. 

As I opened up to experiencing more JOY and PLEASURE – without the push and the hustle – my ego of course stepped up – telling me I would lose everything – that this would never work etc etc.

PLEASURE DISCIPLINE helped me create new, feminine habits that led me towards a pleasure-filled life. PLEASURE DISCIPLINE is not pushing yourself hard, ignoring your body cues or going against your intuitive guidance. 

As a woman, PLEASURE DISCIPLINE is required to transform and change behaviour from the masculine. 

It is a stepping stone that allows you to live and run your business in a HIGH FREQUENCY state – and this is just so important. 

The more I engaged in PLEASURE DISCIPLINE – the more my thoughts and behaviours transformed and everything started to flow. I started to see the powerful magnetism of this energy play out in my own life. Then I could see how this can play out for other female business owners too.

When we notice it, let’s all really CELEBRATE WOMEN who PRIORITIZE their SELF CARE and seek a PLEASURE filled life.

This really is our natural state of being as a woman and actually opens us up to receiving so much more abundance. You are meant to RECEIVE true abundance in all areas of your life as a woman. 

** You need to be living in a HIGH FREQUENCY to fully receive this abundance.** 

Remember – this is your natural state of BEING as a woman. It is natural for you to have an ABUNDANT, PLEASURE FILLED business and live in this magnetic frequency. 
Much love, Kylie xxx

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