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I used to run over 5km every morning for most of my adult life. I considered it healthy ‘stress relief’ and thought that was a normal way for a woman to live. 

I was always pushing myself too – trying to better my time. 

Although I didn’t realise it at the time – it was a pretty masculine way to live. My body was running on adrenaline so much of the time – I could not switch off and needed to be pounding the pavement like this – in order to manage stress and sleep properly.

I also learnt that this was a significant trauma response to my childhood – becoming an overachiever. Always needing to be proving my worth – doing better – achieving more – instead of just BEING in my feminine brilliance. Can you relate?

This is how my day starts these days:) The shift has been phenomenal. 

My body has been re-programmed and is fuelled in a different way now. 

There is softness, there is flow with everything I do. There is a quietness in my mind now as I listen to the beautiful wisdom within me and how she speaks to me so often. I simply could not hear her before. 

The feminine is so powerful in her gentleness. So wise in her knowing. So certain in her guidance. 

This is what I call living in a STATE OF GRACE. 

You can create a beautiful female empire that fuels you – where you get to re-write ALL THE RULES. You get to be the Queen of your Queendom.

This is just one example of how transformative this work can be.
Much love, Kylie xxx