Coming Out Of The Closet

Hi, I find it so interesting that the things we feel shame about – the parts of us that we don’t want to share publically, are often what makes us stand out and so relatable to other women.

Let me tell you about my former shame when it came to money. I felt shame and anger for a long time – that I was not where I wanted to be financially. I was always comparing myself to others and feeling jealous of their success. That kept me small and stuck in my business.

After transforming my financial reality – I still did not feel worthy to share. Who am I to talk about Feminine Affluence Codes and Wealth Energetics? Given my previous relationship with money – it seemed ludicrous. Surely there are other people who are so much better qualified. Other women who have had less money drama?

BUT – that is exactly the point. Other women have had it easier. Other women have not been wiped out financially. They’ve not had to re-invent their life out of absolute necessity. However – If I had not experienced this, I would not have developed and implemented the tools that other women now harness to change their financial futures.

Kylie Welsh

My story of financial transformation is one that I have had to learn to embrace. It has not been easy for me to ‘come out of the closet’ and talk about this. But what I have learnt – is that because my terrible relationship with money was transformed, it makes it easier for other women to digest the possibility themselves. It makes it more achievable for them and that is so powerful.

You don’t need to have come from where I did, to want to uplevel financially though. I received an email from Layla Martin (I adore her work) where she talked about needing to work on her wealth consciousness to step into greater success in her business. It is so true – that as a woman of impact – this is a natural part of your evolution.

If you are capped in your income currently – there is a reason for that. But please know, you don’t have to stay there.

In order to move your business into greater impact – your wealth consciousness needs to grow and expand first before the higher profits show up. It is really that simple.

Therefore I choose NOT to hide my story anymore because that does not help anyone. This work is so transformative for ALL women. It works and it works quickly. Female financial sovereignty has become a powerful motivator for me. There are no guarantees in life and when a woman is financially sovereign–she is safe and empowered to make her own choices – particularly when it comes to her business.

Tomorrow I will be sending out some details about my Feminine Affluence Codes and Wealth Energetics Mastermind. This is a group container for my conscious sisters who really want to create purposeful profit – to impact more women and attract a global female audience. It is such an honour to work in this space with women.

I want you to know your next level of financial success is available to you right NOW energetically. This journey does not have to take years. Using Wealth Energetics and Feminine Affluence codes you can transform your business and profitability swiftly.

And that is what is so incredibly exciting about this work.

See you tomorrow.

Much love, Kylie xxx

Kylie Welsh