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Now Is The Time To Create A FEMALE LED Business 

That Will Allow You To Thrive Personally, 

Transform Other Women’s Lives 


And Attract True Financial Wealth.


It’s Time to ‘Woman UP’ 🙂

About Kylie

What past students have Said

Testimonial image Nikki Taylor

“I was re-created by working with Kylie.”

When re-branding my business I began seeking out someone who would personally understand me, help me identify my feminine side and add value to the business model I was working with. The energies clearly aligned where Kylie appeared on my social media just like that at the time of me looking.

I loved our energy together and loved every moment of our coaching sessions. We created and implemented newer marketing strategies and my own identity to rebrand under. I felt I was re-created by working with Kylie. The transformation is shining through as my clients continue to abundantly show up – now aligning my own feminine energy and values.

I learned so much more of what I had to offer when working with Kylie. We aligned who my ideal clients were and they abundantly showed up. Today they continue to flow. The love of what I do has only expanded even more with further clarity and clear direction in what I offer women.

Thank you Kylie. X

Nikki Taylor
Testimonial Kimberly Rogers

“It has been a very expansive journey with Kylie and I feel like a whole new person with much more confidence and certainty.”

Before working with Kylie – I had met her during a weekend retreat workshop.  Kylie showed us more in one day about marketing from your truth and your heart than I had ever been shown before and I knew I needed to work with her. This felt like the missing piece in my business and client attraction method.

It has been a very expansive journey with Kylie and I feel like a whole new person with much more confidence and certainty. Kylie gently pushes you forward into your greater capacity as an entrepreneur and helps you connect to your higher self for guidance. She has impeccable integrity and firmly guides you to bring out your personal excellence.

This journey has been essential for my business growth, I have more entrepreneurial confidence and a deeper trust and faith in my abilities to magnetically attract clients. The energy of this is much stronger like having deeper roots in the earth. She’s a highly gifted, talented and experienced coach who will help you reach your next level if you let her.

Kimberly Rogers
Testimonial image Kelly Lowry

“… I’ve been able to find solutions with Kylie finally.”

After having various businesses over the last 20 years, I’ve been able to find solutions with Kylie finally.  This includes re-branding myself and coming up with a new business name.

I’ve just finished my SHE training and it has been outstanding! I’ve really learnt the power of MY STORY and how I can use this to really connect and inspire my female audience. Another Key learning that has been imperative is to know how I can set up a ‘profitable’ Trust sales funnel that is going to get me real results in my business. If only I had known this years ago! 

Thank you Kylie and the SHE team. I have really LOVED this training and highly recommend it to other women in business. 

Kelly Lowrie
Testimonial Dianne Kennedy

“Now I understand what MY UNIQUE POSITIONING is!”

I really wanted to find out more about my PERSONAL BRANDING. I wasn’t sure about my Unique Positioning and how I could leverage this to attract new customers.

Through working with Kylie, I have been able to get very CLEAR on my UP. I now also have my Message/Pitch that really resonates with me and what I want to achieve with business owners.

Kylie is very easy to work with. She is so insightful in terms of bringing out what I NEEDED to say to my potential client, so they fully understand my value. I have done heaps of other Business Trainings and I know a lot about Internet Marketing and the ‘what’ to do… Kylie has been able to help me and guide me very directly in ‘HOW TO DO IT’ and the steps I need to take to achieve this. No-one else is training women in business in this way. 

Thank you Kylie!

Diane Kennedy 

When does Feminine Affluence Codes 
Mastermind Begin?

The next Mastermind begins

November 2023.


I cannot wait to witness your evolution.

Are you ready?


The Divine Feminine Healings will clear the old ancestral wounding, patriarchal, and unconscious

feminine programs that might be keeping you stuck and blocking you from stepping into your

Feminine Power and true Wealth Potential.

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6 x monthly HEALING SESSIONS for one hour, focusing on a specific wound related to the Divine Feminine.

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Recorded Healings

These RECORDED HEALINGS will be sent to you via email and are for you to use in the privacy of your own home.

This is the gift every woman should give herself.

Testimonial image Kerry Deller

“I know how I was presenting myself previously didn’t match what I WANTED to be SEEN AS..”

I have been in my own business for 5 years and for the FIRST TIME, I was able to get really CLEAR on my BIG PICTURE and VISION! 

Through working with Kylie, I’ve had many ‘Ah Ha’ moments and my new VISION has all really come together for me. I’m really looking now at totally RE-PACKAGING myself. I know how I was presenting myself previously didn’t match what I WANTED to be SEEN AS. 

Kylie has really challenged me and helped me to become clearer on this. She has been fantastic to work with. I was really impressed and surprised at the depth she went in with me personally.

Kerry Deller
Testimonial image Kim Morris

“Kylie can really move you out of Stuckness"

I have found working with Kylie to be AMAZING!

Two things that spring to mind in particular are: 

SOCIAL MEDIA – the HOW TO STRUCTURE in this – so it’s not scattered and your message is CLEAR and CONSISTENT to BUILD YOUR BRAND.

VIDEO SCRIPTING – this was particularly useful and it will really help me to make my videos a lot FASTER from now on.

Kylie’s one on one advice was particularly helpful. She really has the ability to LASER IN and understand what you need help with. She can really move you out of STUCKNESS quickly. Kylie is wonderful as a Business Mentor, especially compared to some of the other mentors I have worked with. She really does get down to the NITTY GRITTY of your business – which I really appreciate – because that is what I most needed help with. 

Thank you so much Kylie!

Kim Morris
Testimonial image Terai KoroNui

“All the pieces of the puzzle have really come together for me.”

Through Kylie’s training I have been able to niche down and uncover exactly WHO MY TARGET MARKET is. All the pieces of the puzzle have really come together for me.

Working with Kylie and this really dynamic group of women has been very inspirational to me. I can see now that I’ve probably been a bit stagnant with my business and I now know exactly WHAT IT IS that I want to create in my business and HOW TO get there. 

One area specifically Kylie has helped me with, is taking this BIG PICTURE VISION  I have for my business and honing it down – so it is specific and clear to my target market. I was just not able to do this on my own and it was very frustrating. 

I highly recommend Kylie to all women in business. She is wonderful.

Terai KoroNui


Meet Kylie

Golden Kylie Welsh Logo single line

Moving you into your next level of business success 

is possible. 

I can’t wait to show you a NEW WAY 

– so you accomplish everything you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

November 2023.  This is a prime time to start a Mastermind so you can build momentum for the best year of your business in 2024.

You’ll have the opportunity to join a live session fortnightly. We will determine the time based on the group’s preferences. All sessions will be recorded and emailed to you, if you can’t attend.

The dates of the Online Retreats will be confirmed with you, at time of registration. If you are unable to attend – you will be emailed a recording of the event.

You can share as much or as little as you like. This is your journey and you’re the playwright in your own story. You may feel more comfortable asking questions in the Facebook group, but we love it when you share your stories and questions as it helps others to share theirs. No question is too small or silly.

Each fortnight, the coaching sessions will take 2 hours, followed by a 1 hour Q&A. Please allow additional time to recreate your business. We can do this as slowly or as quickly as your time permits, as you will have lifetime access to this content.


You can still join! You will have lifetime access to this course and you’ll be able to watch them whenever it suits you. And if the content is ever updated, don’t worry, you’ll be the first to gain access.

Immediately upon joining you will receive an email inviting you into the exclusive Feminine Affluence Codes Facebook community.

You’ll also receive login details and course materials for any pre course work Kylie has assigned you.

The materials will arrive in your inbox each fortnightly Monday, the day before each fortnightly GROUP BUSINESS COACHING SESSION.

You’ll also be sent a link to book in for your Personal Branding and Positioning Consult with Kylie Welsh.  You’ll receive a document to fill out before your Personal Branding and Positioning session which will take approximately 1 hour to fully complete.

There’s nothing to complete! The content is there for you to access whenever you like. Let it slide into your life. It’s always there for you.  You’ll have your frameworks, grids, and guides ready to implement in your business, and will be held to account via our coaching sessions. If you don’t have time to complete these, you can come back to them.

It is worth every cent and more. It includes hand-held guidance and tangible plans. The learning is abundant with 14 years of hands-on business experience with women. This is my life and soul’s work wrapped up into a neat, tidy, life-changing, and comprehensive gift to you.

I’ve used the same framework and process for brands in personal growth, spirituality, wellness, beauty, lifestyle, B2B services, marketing, accounting, coaching, software, devices, online education and more.

If you want to impact more women, this course is for you.

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