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Every stage of childhood is really important in setting up the foundation for our adult life.

The initial 0-9 months stand out prominently with the women I work with, as it’s during this time that we discover the essence of TRUST, experience the fulfilment of our innate needs, and learn about our worthiness in depending on others.

Many of us don’t come from fully emotionally regulated parents and as such we experience shame or unworthiness on some level in our early years. UNCONSCIOUSLY this means we set a program that we are not worthy and develop an inability to fully trust and feel safe.

Like me, If you have experienced trauma or toxicity in your childhood then it is very prevalent.

Please remember – 95% of the daily actions we are taking in our business are coming from our subconscious. Only 5 % are your conscious thoughts. I really want you to let that sink in.

This was such a big area for me to work on personally. With neural reprogramming – I learnt to overwrite my deeply embedded subconscious lack of trust in the world/god/universe which quite honestly plagued most of my adult life (unknowingly).

When we are NOT fully integrated with trust in our childhood, it naturally affects our PROFITABILITY and our ability to have an IMPACT on the world. It doesn’t matter the brilliant brand strategy you have in place or how much you are showing up on social media, I promise you. I did it all and was not able to move forward until I addressed this.

For me, this showed up as:

The good news is that the core wounds in your subconscious can be reprogrammed with neural reprogramming. This is something I have been working on personally for the last few years and now, having mastered this in my own life and business – it brings me such joy to help other women shift out of this.

I had personally worked on my trust issues for over 20 years to be completely honest and with some amazing healers. YES, there were breakthroughs but nothing shifted fully until I reprogrammed my subconscious – specifically focusing on trust.

Since then, my business and life have transformed. My business became highly profitable with LESS output. I can hold that income and reproduce it monthly saying goodbye to peaks and troughs I was experiencing, triggering my anxiety. I invest with the right people to move my business forward which always leads to a new level of financial freedom.

I love nothing more than to help other women do the same now.

If any of this rings true for you then let me help you rewrite your trust story so that you can step into greater impact in the world and enjoy higher profitability and impact.

Book in for a complimentary 15-minute chat to see if this might be a good next step for you.

It’s time to manifest the success you deserve my love.

Much love, Kylie xxx

Kylie Welsh